Mission Focus
December Mission Focus
December 01, 2017
Each month we try to focus on one aspect of Free Will Baptist mission work that is happening all around the world. We usually are focusing on work being carried out under the auspices of Free Will Baptist International Missions. This month, however, we want to focus on prayer for our long time friends, Berea Ministries, who work to develop and support the ministry of the Gospel, primarily in Mexico, but also in Costa Rica. 
PLease pray throughout the month for Berea, and for director Chris Dotson.Surgoinsville FWB has partnered with and invested in the work of berea for many years, and we are praying for God's continued lessings on this great work.
November Mission Prayer Focus
November 02, 2017

For many years, our International Missionaries affiliated with Tennessee Free Will Baptist Churches have benefited from the yearly Sexton Walk-a-thon. This effort is sponsored, as it has been from the start, by the Tennessee FWB State International (Foreign) Missions Board. Some years back, the official name was changed to the “Sexton Mission Project”, to emphasize that fundraising is not limited to a walk-a-thon. Now, the Sexton Mission Project is part of the broader “GOING GLOBAL” effort.

Surgoinsville FWB church has been deeply involved in the Sexton Project for many years, and literally thousands of dollars have been raised for missions through that effort. As our October Missions Prayer Focus, I want for us to pray that God would put his hand on the “Going Global” / “Sexton Project” effort. My vision is to see the little Northern Quarterly project that we participate in to grow and spread beyond the NQM. In 2017 we saw that begin to happen with two churches participation that were not part of the Northern Quarterly. Pray also that God will take the funds raised and turn them into souls of Christ’s Kingdom and His glory.

September 01, 2017
Since we have been looking at works each month, we have been through all the fields of FWB mission service, so we will begin revisiting, and refocusing our prayers upon these fields of service. This month, we will revisit the focus on the mission work in Spain. 


History of FWB in Spain.

Loria and Mercedes Hernandez, Cuban Free Will Baptists, settled in Spain after the communist takeover of their homeland. They started a Bible study group in the capital city of Madrid. Several people were saved through their efforts.

The Hernandez family asked Free Will Baptists to send missionaries to Spain. In May 1971, in response to this plea, the Board of Foreign Missions decided to open the field of Spain.

One year later, Dock and Norma Caton were appointed missionaries to Spain. In August 1973, the Board of Foreign Missions approved the transfer of Lonnie and Anita Sparks to Spain. The Sparks had served three terms in Côte d’Ivoire, West Africa. Works were started in Alcalá de Henares and Majadahonda..

FWB in Spain Today.

Today, Free Will Baptists have three career missionary families sharing the good news with those in Spain. Since our first Spanish mission work was begun in 1976, we now have four churches. All these ministries are located near Madrid. Two churches are in Alcalá de Henares, one is in Galapagar, and one is located in Alpedrete.

Through the years, literature, home Bible studies, outdoor evangelistic campaigns and children’s classes have been used to reach people with the gospel. More and more, it seems simply building friendships and getting involved in community affairs is more fruitful than organized evangelical campaigns.

Missionaries currently serving in Spain are Anthony and Lea Edgmon, Tim and Kristi Johnson, and Neil and Mandi Morgan. Prayer requests include:

The Lord to work in relationships that are being built, God to call more workers into Spain, the work of church planting, and the raising of the missionary children in a foreign culture.